Composting in small spaces: Webinar

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Turn those kitchen scraps into lush thriving plants for your apartment oasis or anywhere else you like! Learn everything you need to set up, run and harvest worm farms, bokashi and compost, all from your balcony, laundry, or ground floor garden.

Compost Revolution's worm whisperer, JP Williamson, leads us on a hands-on journey of small space composting.

This workshop was held on Zoom, live from JP, our master composter's own apartment. With live hands-on action to the camera, question-and-answer discussion with our team of experts, and some click-through tutorials available to participants online 24/7/365, you'll never forget a thing.

Even if you weren't there on the night, you can benefit from the spilt worm wee knowledge and other good garden stuff for time incarnate.

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