Make your pet poo work for you (and ditch the plastic bags).

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We all love our pets but no one loves their dirty business. An untold number of pet turds are laid, binned, and landfilled every year in Australia, buried and forgotten, releasing greenhouse gases as they slowly break down over decades.

Fully compostable, pet waste can be readily returned to the Earth but cannot be composted together with food scraps if you use your compost or worm wee/castings for growing food as it may transmit harmful bacteria.

But now there's a solution to love your pet while loving the Earth - and it's easier than you might think.

Introducing the EnsoPet Poo composter


Composting your pet poo at home is the most sustainable way to recycle your pet's business into a rich resource - and keeping it out of landfill. The EnsoPet is a compact in-ground composting system that works with micro-organisms to quickly recycle pet waste into rich soil. All you need is an outdoor space in grass or soil, then worms and micro-organisms do the rest.

It works great for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other domestic pets. Even kitty litter made from natural, living sources is all good to add and can even assist the composting process.


Boris and Barry take guarding their Enso Pet seriously.

How it works

The EnsoPet poo composter comes with a composter, tongs, and enzyme grain.

  1. Assemble the unit in under 3 minutes. Once assembled, it measures 35cm wide at the base, 40cm high, and 18.5 cm wide at the top/lid.
  2. Bury it about 40cm in grass or soil. Dig the hole large enough (about 40 x 40cm) so only the opening and lid are above the soil.
  3. Tong in daily turds!
  4. Lightly sprinkle a bit of enzyme grain on top of the waste to accelerate decomposition (roughly 1.5 tablespoons per 100g of poo). Each 1kg bag will last about 6 weeks and accelerates the decomposition process by at least 50%.

The EnsoPet holds about 18L of waste. Once it's full of decomposed goodness in a couple years (depends on the size and number of pets), simply move the unit and start again!


Avoid plastic pet poo bags!

Pesky plastic pet poo bags are the scourge of landfill, the marine environment, and untended parks everywhere. Even when not used, they often blow away in the wind from public dispensers, ending up littering communities or - worse - in the ocean, where they break down into small pieces that marine life mistake for food.

Even compostable bags aren't all they claim to be as they only break down in industrial composting conditions - or at low volumes in very well tended composting system. And degradable bags? Even worse as they break down into marine plastic even faster!


Newspaper is a fantastically sustainable and compostable alternative. Even if you haven't trained your dog to dump on newspaper, you can use newspaper to scoop up poo, place the poo in the EnsoPet, then compost the newspaper in your compost bin, thus avoiding unnecessary plastic waste, saving money, and closing the waste loop.

Join the pet poo compost revolution and make your pets more sustainable with 20% off the EnsoPet and 1kg starter enzyme.]

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