Something big is happening in the backyards (and balconies) of Australia

Over the past 6 years something remarkable has been happening in Australia unlike anything before.

Starting with a single household back in 2012, an inspiring 42,000 households across all states and territories have joined the Compost Revolution and are diverting their food scraps from landfill. This year alone, almost 12,000 new households have joined up, making the Compost Revolution easily the largest community of composters in Australia, if not the world. 😎

Your impact

  • 9,400 tonnes of food waste recycled - and counting. Every household diverts an average of 2.3kg of food waste per week.

  • 18,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases kept out of the atmosphere. Went sent to landfill, food waste releases methane, which drives climate change 25 times faster than CO2.

  • $2.1 million in waste collection costs savings for councils and ratepayers. Every kg of organic materials we compost at home is that much less being trucked off to landfill at great expense to council, residents, and the climate.


Your community

  • Nearly 6,000 composters first learned about the revolution from a friend. Now THAT is people power! That means for every person you recruit to begin composting or worm farming, you will be indirectly responsible for returning another 120kg of organic material to the Earth. In team sports, that's called an assist and it's how great teams win. And this team is winning! ⚽️🏀

  • Over 11,000 composters learned about it through social media. In fact, our Facebook ads featuring the image below have been seen by millions of people across Australia. Get connected for news, tips, and fun from the front lines of food waste through Facebook and Instagram.

  • 75% retention year on year: Once you scrap, you never go back. Our 2018 annual survey backed up with a phone survey shows that 75% of compost revolutionaries who start composting stay composting. This speaks volumes about how easy composting, worm farming, and bokashi really are. Not only the largest, but this might also make us the smartest community in Australia. 🤓


Our future

Meet 5-year-old Addison from Currimundi QLD. While most 5-year-olds are asking for toys, dolls, and other stuff for Christmas, Addison has asked Santa in multiple letters for a worm farm. That gives us hope for the future. She has one at her day care centre and likes to make sure the worms are happy and looked after. Now she's getting her very own for Christmas!

This is what it's all about: making sustainability fun. 🤗🐛


It's growing

In the last year, we were honoured to win the 2018 VIC Premier's Sustainability 'People's Choice' Award which followed on from our 2017 awards (Winner 2017 NSW Green Globe Award for Resource Recovery, Finalist 2017 Banksia Award for Leadership in the Circular Economy). This is testament to the popularity of composting and the incredible people who make up our community.


Finally, a big THANK YOU to every household who has taken the important step to compost, worm farm, or bokashi at home, and to our many council partners who have supported the Compost Revolution as we've grown (special tip o' the hat to our founding councils, Waverley Randwick and Woollhara, and the NSW EPA and Environment Trust for funding our pilot and multiple council programs over the years).

Vive la révolution!

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