EAT WHAT YOU GROW - Nasturtium + flowering greens with goat cheese from the back of the fridge omelette

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Grow what you eat. Eat what you grow. This is the cycle.

We decided to curate recipes based on what is local and seasonal whilst promoting zero waste. With only a handful max of other ingredients [whatever is in your fridge] AND minimal text. Creating food is a lot like creating a garden. Largely based on intuition and going with the flow with lashings of time management. Never be afraid to experiment...but keep it simple. Less is more.

Welcome to the beginning of our fast furious snack-on-the-run guide for foodie gardeners who want to be in the garden even more than the kitchen!

A hot [wick]bed of nasturtiums, celery and walking onions -
A hot [wick]bed of nasturtiums, celery and walking onions -

Today what is in my garden is... Nasturtiums and lots of other flowering greens [they all bolted enmasse when the sun finally arrived last week]!

A handful of flowering greens -

Pick whatever you have. Wild or tame. As a natural micro-farmer, I allow many edible weeds to flourish which keep me, my bees and all the local wildlife fed whilst encouraging bioversity and healthy soil.

Weeds are adaptive pioneers who grow wherever humans don't want, but they do. Such excellent indicators of soil and more... Anyway, here we have nasturtium, kale, flowering rocket and rainbow chard. Whatever you forage is great! Check if you're not sure whether it's edible, or not. So many are.

Chop! Chop! -
Chop! Chop! -

Roughly chop the greens. We're in a hurry to get back out there! Found this old goat cheese in the back of the fridge. A little zesty. No lemon juice required! I have chooks; so three lovingly laid eggs from the girls get whisked into the bowl with salt + pepper.

All of the things!
All of the things! -

Added mushrooms and a new block of butter. Um, HELLO!

Sizzling!! Finish line in sight.
Pan sizzling!! Finish line in sight. -

Double double toil and trouble! Once the butter or your oil of choice is sizzling, chuck your whisked egg on. Layer all the yummies on one half. Then fold. We all actually know how to make an omelette right? Also pay no attention to my unsparkling surfaces. We're gardeners NOT cleaners.

5 minutes [minus pix] from start to end  -
10 minutes [minus pix] from start to end -

Get in me! Also added some pickled beetroot from the adjacent wicking bed. Pickling is so easy & makes everyone feel smug. Me included.

Out of focus dish because I'm trying to eat, balance a plate & take a pic -
Out of focus dish because I'm trying to eat, balance a plate & take a pic -

Go back to the beginning. Eat your food in the garden contemplating all the things which must be done. Whilst enjoying the fruits of your labours + possibly a weird tummy from the zingy cheese. The cycle goes on!

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