Composting mum wins the veggie patch of a lifetime...but there's a problem. Can Costa fix it?

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This summer, lifelong sustainability champion Angie Penn won the prize of a lifetime from Compost Revolution: a custom veggie patch by legendary gardening guru Costa Georgiadis. But there was problem...situated atop a ridge exposed to ferocious wind, brutal afternoon sunshine, and visited every night by curious and hungry wildlife, home-grown veggies were nearly impossible. Enter Costa stage left.

Here's how it happened. Last November we ran a competition with over 11,000 entries across Australia to share the love of composting. The more people you shared composting with, the more entries you got. The grand prize winner would get any garden-lover's dream: a custom veggie patch designed by the ever-bearded Gardening Australia icon Costa Georgiadis.

By luck of the draw, waste educator and mum of 3, Angie Penn, of Manly Vale, Sydney, was absolutey elated to win the grand prize. But with all these challenges, what could possibly be done? Conditions were so tough that even her chooks would sometimes be carried away by eagles.

The first thing Costa - known for coming up with outside-the-box solutions for almost any set of problems - said: you can't fight nature, so you've gotta welcome it. After a thorough assessment of the garden's aspect, Costa went away for a think and promised to be back with a plan. What would he come up with?

No matter how it turns out, it's the chance of a lifetime! Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page to find out!

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