A plan is nothing without action! After observing and documenting our space, it’s time to head to second base and get things kicking.

Daylight hours now wax well beyond high teatime, seducing even the shyest of us off the couch and into the great outdoors (balconies still count)! Even if it's just to soak up all those glorious rays of sunshine.

Whether your motivation is to reduce food waste, cut the gas out of landfill, maximise garden yields or simply to acquire a bunch of new similarly introverted wriggly friends, getting the jump on spring is fundamental to compost stardom!

The Golden Rule

Key to any good system is scalability and functionality. Your vision could be a row of potted herbs on a kitchen window-sill or a ¼ acre potager block. Everything can be improved using a simple golden rule… Areas you use more or want to see often should be closer to the heart of the home. Let’s not pretend that it isn't the fridge, err kitchen!

Img: The Compost Revolution Bokashi Bin

Got something that doesn't need to be in direct sun? Pop that worm farm in the shaded corner outside or bokashi under the sink in an apartment. Give every fifteen seconds of sunlit fame to those who need it! Hello plants and solar composter. No matter what you’re working with, creating zones make your life and garden more efficient, productive and beautiful.

Img: Spring flower garden on a windowsill - by Gemma Evans on Unsplash
Img: Spring flower garden on windowsill by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

Feed the Soil not the Plants!

The cornerstone of every amazing garden is dynamic soil/substrate. That sad rescued basil plant from the supermarket will keep you rich in pesto throughout summer, if you heed these wise words. Oh, and repot it STAT!

Not only should you produce your own compost, you need to work out how to do it. Bokashi or a small worm farm are excellent for beginners in urban spaces. who may not even have a garden yet but seek zero waste and zero mess. If you have an outside space which is concrete or tiled, an Aerobin works like a charm. It self aerates and handles larger volumes making it suitable for a family. Tumblers do well in most settings, especially for people with mobility issues. No bending required.

Choose the system which works for you

The wrong system is basically worse than no system at all! Seriously. Cognitive dissonance will steal the limelight and make you put down tools. We are all potential stars in this cinematic story of waste conversion.  We can compost our way to a happy ending making a measurable difference locally (in our kitchens & gardens) and globally (reduced landfill & beyond).

We have free tutorials on all of our systems so take the time to explore the website and work out what your first steps and goals are. Exactly how much pesto pasta would you like to eat this summer, whilst getting the right angle for your kitchen waste close-up!

Still stuck? Contact me via our Support Line. I’ll hook you up direct from my (worm)casting couch.

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