Another year rolls around.

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Despite its challenges, it's been a great year for our team – and the all of the wonderful 84,938 households making your homes, and the planet, a greener more abundant place. You have diverted 4,349 tonnes of waste this year, taking us to 27,968 tonnes to date – well done!

This year we also grew our team two fold, welcoming JP Williamson –  previously the officer in charge of the Compost Revolution program for the 3 founding councils – as our Strategic Impact Officer (fancy title for developing new and cool projects with our government and corporate partners).

Plus Victoria Waghorn who is our Support and Inspo content maestro – you know her of course as your Meme Queen and newsletter editor. And Isabella Pignatti-Morano, who is our new Culture Operations, Process and People officer – or (good) COPP for short! (We did also sadly say goodbye to our Insect loving (and eating!) Support Officer Ishka Bless, who is off to finish her pHD in aforementioned insect consumption.

Photos of our new team members
From top: Victoria, JP and Isabella

These legends helped Simon, our legendary tech wizard/CTO, Alex and I, launch more than half a dozen new products on the platform this year, including Sub Pods, raised beds, Greenhouses, Hori Hori gardening knives and Japanese Secateurs, the amazing Monty Compost Monitor, DIY mushroom kits and mini farms – and even our own line of ethically produced Worm farmer and Garden love tees!

New products montage including a Greenhouse, gardening tools, kitchen caddies and models wearing thosrts

This year we also became a National Partner with sustainable property developer, Stockland. The 3 year partnership has already delivered hundreds of systems to new homeowners and we'll deliver hundreds more in the near future along with innovative circular economy projects soon to be announced.

We also introduced our Seasonal Expert Webinars to help you tackle the challenges of growing food in our increasingly wet and weird climate. Make sure you check out our Summer and Composting with Kids recordings.

Here's a little podcast interview I did for Seedy Chats if that's your thing. Speaking of media mentions - Alex King (our Council Support Officer and passionate community composter) was featured in this ABC article.

Alex King, the Elizabeth Compost Club founder

Enough about us! The true impact of the Compost Revolution is measured in you – our community – some of whom we have been profiling on our fortnightly newsletter, in the humans of the revolution. Check out some recent 'back-issues' here and here .

Your stories are the reason for all that we do – like nectar collecting bees, we live for the details of your journey. Whether you're connecting with the natural cycle of life for the first time, or farming a food forest in your backyard, it's all good! Keep them coming!

Once again, we thank our council partners who have entrusted us with reducing waste in their neighbourhoods and supporting their residents. A high five to our newest councils who joined us this year (City of Yarra and the City of Fairfield) and the many councils who who renewed this year – we're now working with 37 councils – making us by far the biggest compost community in the country!

Dogs at a festival with Compost Revolution stall in the background
Our stall – and some happy customers – at Pets in the Park at Stonnington

And finally to our partners, big and small, from Stockland through to Milkwood, One Small Step, to Share Waste –  to the legends that deliver your products to you at Maze, Quality Products, SubPod, Bokashi Composting Australia and Little Acre – we salute you!  

Here's to a diverse, resilient and abundantly green new year.

Viva la revolution!

David Gravina
Chief Composting Officer

Photo of man holding a tumbler compost bin wearing a Worm Farmer tshirt
That's me at the Stockland Altrove Community launching their new program.

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